Spiritual coaching is an art of establishing physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual balance. This holistic approach prepares you for
challenging situations in life and higher spiritual experiences. 


In addition to the 1:1 coaching session, you will receive specific spiritual practices according to your personal needs.
This will improve your present life situation and enhance the healing process.

Such spiritual practices are a unique combination of Hatha Yoga techniques, Ayurvedic methods and Tantric / Shamanic healing ceremonies.


This session will purify and raise your energies on every level of your existence,
and help you live a life of fulfilment.
Improve your health
Get guidance in difficult situations
Bring balance into your life

Meet your Coach

Nipun Sharma


Being born and raised in a traditional Indian family helped me learn, practice and understand spirituality profoundly. Without any doubt - Yoga and energy medicine have the capabilities to heal anyone and everyone and anywhere on the planet.

Mature yogic knowledge and gifted spiritual and energy healing capabilities are the core tools that help me impart ancient sacred knowledge to my clients.

What will you get out of the Spiritual Coaching?

Attract the right people and things in your life
Heal yourself from past traumas
Improve your overall health
Learn to manage anger, stress and anxiety
Release your emotional and energy blockages
Cleanse and upgrade your energy system and physical body

Stress, anxiety, anger and frustration are a result of being unbalanced. If you can not keep your mind quiet, it's a sign of being not balanced; if you get frustrated or angry when things don't work the way you want them to, its again a sign and time for you to start working on bringing your physical, mental/emotional dimensions and energies into balance.

Imagine if you are driving a car on a highway at 120 kilometres per hour and suddenly the tires of your car lose balance; what will happen? Of course, you will have an accident. The same goes with life; an unbalanced life is an accidental life - we do things in the wrong way, take wrong decisions, choose the wrong partners, repeat the same mistakes, behave in a certain way and cause unnecessary problems for ourselves.

Learn to do things in your life with full involvement and have no attachment to the outcome.

Become someone who can deal with people and difficult situations easily and not be triggered by them.

Learn to be calm and a pleasant person even if things are not working the way you want them to.

Develop a stable and balanced way of thinking.

To experience and explore your life with joy and dynamism, you need balance. This Spiritual Coaching involves various yogic and healing methods to attain balance, love and peace in life!

Nipun is an extraordinary human being, and his dedication to the wellbeing of others is remarkable. My life will never be the same: I have learned so much about myself, and what I can do to live a better life.

Helena, Portugal

 Nipun lives and breathes Yoga, so the phrase "practice what you preach" really applies here. If you are looking to learn about classical Hatha, as it has been past down for thousands of years... look no further!

Phillip, NZL

Nipun showed me the true science of Yoga. He not only shared this wonderful and sacred knowledge but also helped me to dive deeper into the study of self. I learned a lot about myself. Thank you from all of my heart.❤

Laura, Hungary

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4 x 60min Session via Zoom

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8 x 60min Session via Zoom

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12 x 60min Session via Zoom

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One Healing Session (via Zoom)
One Online Yoga Class with Nipun

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