Namaste, I am Nipun

Welcome to my world of healing!

With ancient techniques and methods, I will help you regain your power, peace and stability in life. 

Nipun Sharma

Mature yogic knowledge and gifted spiritual and energy healing capabilities are the core tools that help me impart ancient sacred knowledge to my clients.

Being born and raised in a traditional family helped me to learn, practice and understand spirituality profoundly. Without any doubt - Yoga and energy medicine have the capabilities to heal anyone and everyone and anywhere on the planet.

These sacred healing methods have kept me safe, protected and balanced throughout my life. Moreover, spirituality also gave me a chance to help people in their healing process.

The realization happened to me at an early age and I understood, that serving humanity, and living in harmony and balance is what I want to do in this life.

I will show you how to shift from:

unhealthy to HEALTHY

unbalanced to BALANCED

unsatisfied to CONTENTMENT

angry to LOVING

from maybe to I CAN AND I WILL


Remember - Anybody can come out of darkness and experience light.

Nipun is an extraordinary human being, and his dedication to the wellbeing of others is remarkable. My life will never be the same: I have learned so much about myself, and what I can do to live a better life.

Helena, Portugal

 Nipun lives and breathes Yoga, so the phrase "practice what you preach" really applies here. If you are looking to learn about classical Hatha, as it has been past down for thousands of years... look no further!

Phillip, NZL

Nipun showed me the true science of Yoga. He not only shared this wonderful and sacred knowledge but also helped me to dive deeper into the study of self. I learned a lot about myself. Thank you from all of my heart.❤

Laura, Hungary

Work with me and give yourself a chance to experience life beyond body and mind, thoughts and emotions and something that can only be felt, not explained with words or logic, something that is sacred.


YOGA - the journey of Self-realization and experiencing unity. Yoga is an extraordinary process of aligning, balancing, and uniting the opposite flowing energies - Feminine and Masculine or moon and the sun within the human system. By bringing these energies into balance the person experiences harmony, love, and peace within. Where there is peace, love, and harmony, there is health and prosperity.


AYURVEDA -  the science of life, sacred knowledge and wisdom that when followed correctly generates aliveness, vitality and health. Ayurveda gives us the insight and sense of recognizing the impact of the food that we eat on our bodies. It is also a teaching of matching the life process of the plant's herbs fruits or food with our life process in a way that we create an atmosphere of aliveness, vitality and health for ourselves. Ayurvedic style of cooking is still present in most Indian kitchens. If a child is having a stomach ache parents know what to cook, if a kid is having loose motions mother knows what to cook or if someone in the house has a cold and fever they know exactly which homemade herbal remedy will work to mitigate the pain and suffering. Ayurveda is a natural panacea for life, we all should be able to make use of it to live a disease-free life.


Shamanism - Shamanism is the technique of healing past traumas, improving the quality of the energy field and creating a new healed destiny, and my intelligence

I believe in practising and living spiritually, experiencing its benefits and feeling the union with the creation, rather than thinking.
I like to be soaked in the light of the divine and experience life at its peak.

At the age of 8, I was introduced to yoga in my school, which was great. Since then, practising yoga and meditation has always been a part of my daily life. These spiritual practices built the extraordinary within me - I easily connect with my instincts, I am intuitive, and my intuition helps me get around difficult situations and people easily:), a boon of tracking heavy and stale energies in a clients energy field - comes in handy in the healing process, and with these great gifts I no longer fall for peoples fake outer appearances or their lies. You can also have the same gifts and powers and you are also capable of attaining the highest in life. You just need the right guidance and tools to unfold the sacred within you.

The methods and techniques, knowledge and wisdom I use to help my clients heal are creative, fun, and safe. I learnt these healing practices from the wisdom keepers in the east. I have practised these teachings for decades to align my internal geometry with cosmic geometry in order to have a profound understanding of human existence, its functioning and its capabilities.